About Me

I write contemporary YA fiction, mostly about feminism and kickass girls who struggle with real-life problems while showing the world that no one gets to tell them how to act or who to be.

I was born in Texas, but found my home in California where I now live with my husband, two kids, and two Texas-sized dogs.

Happiest when left alone in the wild, I survive mainly off cheese, bread, coffee, and Twizzlers. I talk a lot about my writing and anxiety on Twitter, where you can follow me @heatherdcarver. I own more black tank tops than the average human has use for, and I once asked Maggie Stiefvater to autograph a chunk of plastic that fell off her car.

If you ever meet me in person, be warned that I’m awkward AF.

I’m represented by the amazing Hannah Fergesen at KT Literary.